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CHICAGO — The city of Chicago paid  millions to settle a lawsuit involving a deadly police  shooting  but the victim’s mother still wants answers and wants the police officers behind the shooting brought to justice.

19-year-old Calvin Cross was shot by Chicago police on May 31st 2011.  That night, CPD told the public that Calvin, a church member, studying to be a brick mason had fired at them first.

Calvin’s mother Dana did not believe that account.  She hired an attorney.

A gun was recovered but ballistics testing said it didn’t work.  The autopsy contradicted the official police account too.

“Calvin didn’t have any gun shot on his hands or physical signs that he had fired a weapon,” family attorney Tony Thedford said.

Last June, before Laquan McDonald made headlines, the city council approved a 2 million dollar settlement for Calvin’s estate, the money going to a trust fund for Calvin’s young son.

Dana is now focused on the officers involved in the case.

“They were back on the streets within 48 hours of the shooting,” Thedford said.  “So there was no discipline of any sort .. to any of the three officers involved in this.”

“I’m not saying all officers are crooked or corrupt, because they’re not,” Dana said. “But they need to work on the ones that are and get them off the streets so our kids can keep living.”

CPD wasn’t able to verify to WGN if the officers were disciplined or still on the force.

The Cross case is now part of the Dept of Justice investigation, and newly appointed CPD superintendent Eddie Johnson has vowed for better accountability for his officers.