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RAYMORE, Mo. (WDAF) – A baby boy badly burned in Raymore, Missouri seven years ago is starting a new chapter in his life.

Deyvion Plunkett not only survived the fire that left him badly burned, but was also recently adopted.

In his room, Deyvion pointed to photos of people hugging him and standing beside him while talking to sister station WDAF.

“That’s my brother. That’s my sister. That’s my mom. That’s me,” Deyvion said.

In May 2013, Deyvion was just a baby when he was burned in a bassinet during an apartment fire. He was critically injured and cared for at hospitals and a special burn unit. Deyvion survived and fought his way back to health.

Two years ago, foster mother Beth Plunkett took him into her home.

“I thought he was a beautiful little boy, and I fell in love with him very quickly,” Beth said.

Deyvion said the Plunketts made him feel happy and wanted. Beth decided Deyvion fit in her family. For the single mother of two other children, Deyvion is now her third.

“I feel everybody says, ‘Oh, he’s so lucky to have you and what you’re doing,’ but I’m, I’m just as equally lucky to have him,” Plunkett said.

After 2,545 days, Deyvion was adopted with some special people by his side.

Deputy Chief Eric Smith of the South Metro Fire Department in Raymore was on the scene when Deyvion was hurt.

“Things were aligned for him that night, and we didn’t know why,” Smith said.

His story stayed with Smith all these years. On Deyvion’s adoption day, they showed up at his house with a special jacket and hat made just for him. The fire department loaded him and his mom up in their truck and escorted him to the Cass County Justice Center. 

Much of his new family was waiting for him at the courthouse and walked him to the door. When he arrived, Smith told Deyvion, “Give me five. I’m proud of you.”

Deyvion said when he saw them arrive at his house, it made him feel good. He said he almost cried because they’re special to him, and one day they saved his life. Not only is Deyvion part of Beth’s family, he’s part of the South Metro Fire Department family, too.

“He’s extremely special. We don’t always understand why things happen, but we do now,” Smith said.

“I want him to be, most importantly, just happy,” Plunkett said. “And I want him to always feel loved and to just … to have goals and like, reach them and just do amazing, amazing things. And I know, I know he will … God definitely has an awesome plan for him.”

Devyion says he wants to be a fireman, and he’s hoping one day he can save people’s lives the way someone saved his.