Photographer rescues missing woman found frozen to ground

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FRANKLIN, Tenn. — A missing woman was found frozen to the ground after an ice storm hit Tennessee last week.

The woman, Patricia, survived the freezing temperatures thanks to a man who noticed her car and stopped to see if everything was alright, according to WSMV.

Keith Sheldon is an employee for an electrical company in middle Tennessee, but he is passionate about photography.

After having work cancelled on Friday, Sheldon took out to snap pictures of the aftermath of the ice storm. As he left, he realized the roads were too icy and turned back, spotting a Lexus stuck in the ditch.

Sheldon approached the car and took pictures, assuming the car belonged to a local church. It was then when he noticed Patricia.

“As I was taking my third photo is when I noticed the lady in front of the car,” Sheldon said to WSMV.

Not knowing if she was dead or alive, Sheldon called out to the woman. She was unresponsive.

“I walked over to her and when I got next to her, she opened her eyes,” Sheldon said.

It was 15 degrees at the time and Sheldon wasn’t sure how long the woman had been there.

When paramedics arrived, they realized the woman was frozen to the ground.

“We lifted her up off the ground and you could hear it breaking between her body and the ground,” Sheldon said.

Patricia had been missing for two days, and according to the missing person’s report has several brain injuries.

“Part of me wonders if I hadn’t come up, I don’t know how long anyone could live in that weather,” Sheldon said.

“I was sent there for a reason, I think, and I’m glad for it.”


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