Missing service dog found, reunited with child

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A happy ending in the search for a stolen service dog who was reunited today with the little girl who needs her.

The service dog, Symphany, was stolen from the back yard of 10-year-old NeVaeh Perry, who has type 1 diabetes with severe hypoglycemia and seizures.  Symphany, with her heightened sense of smell, is able to detect when NeVaeh’s blood sugar drops to dangerous levels, and the dog is trained to alert adults to the medical emergency.

Symphany disappeared from the back yard last Sunday.  NeVeah’s mother, Jobeana Perry, has been calling friends and family, putting out flyers, and doing everything she can to find the missing dog.

Today police at the Grand Crossing District called the Perry family to say the dog was found.  The mother and daughter came rushing over to get her.

The dog was found by a good Samaritan, Jovan Jackson, 38.  Jackson recognized the dog from news reports.  He got in his car and chased after the frightened dog, who was skittish and running away from people.  Jackson kept following the dog and updating police on her location, eventually getting hold of the dog and putting her into his car until police arrived.



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