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CHICAGO — Chicago police are investigating after a video surfaced of a 15-year-old girl with disabilities being beaten by a group of teens.

The video began circulating on social media Monday, but Chicago police said the girl was missing for five days before police were contacted.

Police said the girl may have also been sexually assaulted while she was missing.

The girl was located Tuesday night and taken to the hospital where she was treated and released. She went home with her father.

Community activist Stringer Harris, who spoke with the media before a police news conference Wednesday, identified the people who attacked the girl as six teens, five girls and one boy, between the ages of 15 and 18, who were her so-called friends. Police did not confirm this information.

Harris also said the girl suffers from a mental illness.

Activist Andrew Holmes is also working with police to find the attackers. He said they know who they are, but it’s just a matter of locating them.

There were reports that some of the attackers have been receiving death threats online. At least one of them has posted an apology to the girl.