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ROSELLE, Ill. — A mother and daughter — both avid dancers — were reunited in the studio Saturday in a move one might call the soldier surprise.

Nahomi Castillo, 13, knows how to keep her emotions in check both in and out of the studio. Castillo’s mother, Army Staff Sgt. Carrie Castillo, has been overseas serving in an Army Special Operations unit in Kuwait for the last six months.

But today, the discipline of the dance studio gave way to the emotion of a once in a lifetime surprise. Carrie returned home two months early and popped in on practice.

“I had no idea that she was coming today,” Nahomi said. “Once I saw her, I was so happy.”

There’s nothing quite like a mother and child reunion.

“…Seeing the look on her face made me see how much she does care for me and does support what I do,” Carrie said.

In the sometimes solitary studio, dancing is always better with someone else.

“My sole purpose of getting through everything was getting home to her,” Carrie said.

They family is going out to dinner Saturday. After that, there are no firm plans other than to spend time together–and for mom to make it to the next dance recital.