CHICAGO — Busses carrying asylum seekers arrived at the Chicago Parthenon Hostel in Greek Town Friday morning — the second time the hostel has been used to shelter migrants.

Around 200 people are expected to make their way to the temporary housing located on South Halsted near Jackson. The first bus arrived at 8 a.m., coming from a police station on the Far South Side.

Alderman Bill Conway said there were no problems the last time the hostel was used as a shelter in the fall of 2022 when migrants were first sent to Chicago from Texas, however when asked about where the busses are coming from, his office was unaware that the migrants had already arrived.

A spokesperson for Conway said in a statement released:

“The alderman is frustrated that he had to learn about today’s timing from media and community members despite several requests to the Mayor’s Office to coordinate and share information.”

The city has been trying to find more places to house the more than 13,000 asylum seekers which more than 1,600 of are spread out over several police stations.

Migrants have been reportedly seen sleeping on floors and hundreds more have been staying at O’Hare. There are currently more than 15 city-run shelters.

Conway says they had about a week heads up but however the initial move in date was pushed back until Friday morning.