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Tu Bloom


Plant Recommendations:

Variegated spider fern
Moss (Irish or Scottish)
Succulents (water less to prevent rot)
Orchids (miniature varieties)
African Violets (miniature varieties)
Allocasia (miniature varieties)
Palms ((miniature varieties)
Rex Begonias (miniature varieties)
Baby’s tears


Choose plants that complement your existing setting where you plan to the have the terrariums.
Consider lighting, the color scheme of the room where you plant to have the piece, and how warm it will be consistently.

Good soil and drainage
Create drainage by adding coarse stone pebbles and charcoal to the bottom to help keep your terrariums looking good.

More sun with moderate to little watering equals more lush and vibrant terrariums
Water your terrarium only when the soil feels dry. Since most of the glass enclosures recycle the water that is evaporated back into the terrariums (especially those that are enclosed) Touch the soil surface to see if your terrarium needs water before adding any.

Like all landscapes…
Minimal pruning is recommended when plants are actively growing beyond the containment point of your terrarium(s). Personal preference is a factor, so you be the judge.