Midday Fix: Repurpose and reuse – tips from Lisa Ridolfi

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Lisa Ridolfi

Lisa’s Suggestions:

Use baby wipe containers as ribbon dispensers

Use nylons to cover rolls of gift wrap to prevent the edges from fraying

Add potpourri to the toes of nylons and tie with a ribbon. Can be used as sachet in drawers or hung in a closet. Also good as shoe deoderizers.

Nylons are good shoe covers; they prevent scratching. Use in the closet or while traveling.

Ice trays make great jewelry holders and they can be stacked in drawers.

Thread a necklace through a straw to prevent tangling

Organize your small post earrings using buttons as holders

Use cake decorating tips as place card holders at your next dinner party

Fill vases to change the look of your living space. You can use potpourri, ribbons, or lemons, to name a few ideas.

Ramekins make great bowls for smaller portions. Use a pot holder as a placemat.


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