Midday Fix: Dr. Elizabeth Lombard with tips for finding work-life balance

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Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

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Own it:
Be proud of yourself for what you have achieved. Focus on gratitude and appreciation instead of worrying about how others may view you.

Be present:
When you are at home with your family, enjoy that time. Be present of your time with them and not thinking about all the things at work. When you at work, try to focus on using your values and strength to flourish at work.

Find purpose in your work:
For those who would prefer their spouse to be the primary breadwinner, it is important for those women to find purpose and what they’re doing. Instead of being riddled with guilt, focus on how they can apply their strength and really can purpose and what they’re doing and contributing to others.

Prioritize time for you:
You don’t need to go on a week vacation away from your family necessarily, but it is vital that you schedule a time for you. That means taking time to exercise, meditate, spend time with friends… It may feel like a luxury that you cannot afford, but it will actually allow you to be a better mother and better worker.

Have a serious conversation with your husband:
Rather than leave at housework and meals to chance, sit down with your husband to determine who does what. Help him understand why it’s vital that he be an integral  part of this process. And express gratitude and appreciation for all that he does. Being aggressive or passive aggressive only make him not want to help out more.

It’s the perfectionism:
Meals, your house, the way the laundry is folded… It doesn’t have to be perfect. Make sure your family is safe and healthy. And focus on the gratitude and love that you have for them and life over whether your husband vacuums correctly or your kids have perfectly matching outfits.

Don’t micromanage:
Your husband will do things differently. Your children will do them differently. As long as everyone is safe and you’re getting the ultimate end result that is important.

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