Midday Fix: Designer and Kitchen Crashers show host Alison Victoria

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Alison Victoria
DIY Kitchen Crashers

Alison’s Tips:


Task lighting uses less electricity, therefore reducing energy consumption and lowering electrical costs
Task lighting gives the user control; with either a dimmer switch or an adjustable-arm they can control their work environment.
Under-cabinet lights add even more task lighting to your counter space. Most are easy to install yourself, and can be customized to any kind of kitchen set up.

Warm metals, shades of iron and graphite are hardware trends for 2014. There are many easy and affordable ways to bring warm metal tones into your kitchen.
Brass faucets are making a comeback. Designers are looking to the ’70s, so brass and bronze will show up more.
Polished Brass can either go with vintage, modern or eclectic décor.
If your current metal faucet is looking drab, call the manufacturer, many of them have warranties on their faucets.
There are many different metal finishes, so when purchasing your faucet make sure you purchase the same brand of accessories so your metal finishes will match.
Brushed brass (or other metal) knobs or pulls on cabinetry and drawers are an inexpensive way to bring a touch of metal into your kitchen.
For more metal, add accessories such as a copper tea kettle.

Cabinetry that looks like furniture is in. Think about built-in accent cabinets that act as framework for the rest of the cabinetry. You can create your own custom cabinet in just a weekend.
Built-in cabinetry will blend into your home décor rather than free standing pieces that project out into the room and make your room look smaller.
Built-ins can also create more storage without taking up a lot of space.
You can coordinate your trim and your task lighting with the rest of your room.
It’s easy to create your own built-in look with just a basic cabinetry and trim.

This year embrace natural, raw materials. Expect to see trending: brick veneer walls, concrete and barn board, as well as exposed planks and beams. Another option is to pull in nature through kitchen accessories.
Combining wood and metal will give your kitchen a warm, cozy, organic feel.
In the kitchen it’s easy to do with wooden bowls, salt and pepper shakers, serving dishes even a tablet/recipe book holder.
Wood brings a certain raw texture into any room, plus wooden accessories will go well with any design style or decor.


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