Michelle Obama meets with Chicago students as gun control debate continues

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After the First Lady’s event today the Loop, she made her way south into anarea hit hardest by gun violence in Chicago. She spoke to students at Harper High School in the city’s West Englewood. Nearly 30 students, current and former, have been shot just in the last year.  8 of those students died after being shot.

Michelle Obama made a point of sitting down and talking with students at the school and listened to them, she promised, so she could report back to the president.

What the teens heard from her, however, is something they will take with them for a lifetime.

The First Lady spent over two hours talking to about 20 kids living on the front lines who are worried about their lives every day because of gun violence that has taken over their neighborhoods.

The homicide statistics are making headlines nationwide and the Obamas  appear to be acknowledging a growing problem in their hometown that the nation can no longer ignore. In Washington today, two senators introduced a bi-partisan gun control bill.

But kids on the streets of Chicago aren’t tuning into the political debate, they are fighting the war on the their front steps.



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