Metra BNSF service delayed after person fatally struck in Hinsdale

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Service on Metra’s BNSF line is experiencing significant delays Monday afternoon after a pedestrian was fatally hit near the West Hinsdale station, officials said.

The incident happened near the station at Stowe Street and Hinsdale Avenue, just east of the West Hinsdale station.

Inbound train No. 1268 was not scheduled to stop at the West Hinsdale Station, but was scheduled to stop at the Hinsdale station.  It would have been going about 60 to 70 miles per hour when it struck the person.

Metra officials are expecting delays of at least an hour for outbound trains and are implementing an emergency plan at Union Station, advising riders that if they can make alternate plans to do so. Metra officials say to take your time in getting to Union Station; they will probably be putting people in a holding area in the great hall and then moving them to trains when they’re available.

Metra must wait on Hinsdale emergency officials to “release” the tracks back to Metra for trains to move again.

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