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Melissa Harris-Perry is the former host of the show on MSNBC that showcased discussions on race, gender, politics and other social issues. Now nearly two months after an ugly departure from the network Harris-Perry has joined Elle magazine as an editor-at-large.

Perry left MSNBC after the network “silenced” her show, and she discussed the departure on WGN Morning News Monday:

“There’s no doubt that the four years hosting the MHP show were, and I said at the time when I left, were an incredible opportunity, one unlike anything that I ever even imagined. I miss the show all the time. I especially miss the opportunity when something like “Lemonade” happens over the weekend and I desperately want a chance to talk with my terrific guests and my wonderful producers about it.”

She went on to say that she’s able to have similar experiences at You can read Harris-Perry’s take on “Lemonade” here.

“In a world where I can Skype in and talk with you folks on WGN, the fact is I think the opportunity for public voice is actually quite broad,” she said.

She also discussed the presidential race. Check out her full interview in the player above.