Medical Watch Digest for Oct 4

Combatting hospital bugs: There may soon be a shot for that.

It’s a vaccine makers say can protect against lethal superbugs rampant in hospital and healthcare settings.

University of Southern California scientists developed the shot, intended to be given to patients before or immediately after arriving at the hospital.

Their research in mice shows it offers protection against MRSA and other antibiotic resistant infections.

Study authors say a single dose put immune cells into “incredible hulk” mode within 24 hours, offering rapid protection against eight different bacterial and fungal species for 28 days.

Every year, healthcare acquired infections kill nearly 100-thousand people.

The next step is human clinical trials.

Being a vegetarian may be in the genes

Some people attempt to forego meat and instead live on fruits and vegetables, only to go back to their carnivorous ways.

Northwestern University pathologists say that’s because vegetarianism may be hard wired.

Researchers identified three genes significantly associated with being a vegetarian and 31 others they say are potentially involved.

The genes are linked to lipid metabolism and brain function.

Experts say the findings could have implications for both dietary recommendations and the production of tolerable meat substitutes for all.

Postpartum Depression & Dads

Dads may be susceptible to postpartum depression just like new moms.

University of Illinois Chicago researchers recommend screening new fathers.

They say addressing dads health after they bring home a new baby may have a big impact on new mother’s mental health.

In their study 30-percent of new dads screened positive for postpartum depression with the same tool used to screen moms.

 Dads admitted they were stressed and scared.

Experts say their mental health takes a toll on their partner.

A woman is more at risk for postpartum depression if she has a depressed partner.

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