Tragedy & Triumph: COVID nurse shares her story

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The best way to handle difficult situations is to talk to someone you care about, to a professional. Sharing the experiences that are shaping you helps you heal.

Neva Wright an ICU nurse on overnights helping COVID-19 patients heal.

Her story is one of tragedy and triumph.

Here are her own words:

These are really sick patients in the ICU, so they require a lot of attention.

Most, if not all of them, are intubated so they are on the ventilators. A lot of these patients aren’t just lung illnesses, a lot of other things, A LOT OF dialysis machines, so there are a lot of spinning wheels we need to keep track of.

The majority of my shift is at the bedside. It’s just really physically and emotionally exhausting.

So a lot of the times going home is crying on the way home. A lot of tears for our patients, for them not being able to see their family, for their family not being able to see them and not being able to help them like we hope that we can.

I am thankfully back home now, but I was in six different hotels for 41 days and we just decided it was better because there was the uncertainty. But I needed to make sure my family was safe and that’s my number one priority. It was really difficult. I had a lot of really difficult nights and sleeping was really hard. I would FaceTime my family every night or twice a day, but it wasn’t the same as going home and getting to embrace my family.

It’s difficult for the general public they don’t see how serious this can be. I’ve literally held a dying patient’s hand because their family couldn’t be at the bedside with them. It’s very serious and it’s definitely not over.

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