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WILMETTE, Ill. — Even in the midst of fear and death, life goes on.

And for one mother, her delivery is bringing joy 11 times over to all who can see the little ones.

Jen Truszkowski said the pandemic inspired her to look at expanding her family.

“I found my family all sitting together and having some quality family time and wondering what would be something we could do all together,” she said. “I thought, “I bet people are losing their jobs and they can’t afford to keep their pets and I bet there are a lot of homeless pets out there.’”

She began to call around to shelters and found Nellie.

“(The person who answered) said, ‘I think all the dogs are accounted for except a pregnant dog.’ (They asked) would we be willing to take a pregnant dog and foster it.”

Nellie was adopted from

Truszkowski and her daughters Katie and Sarah  and the rest of the family welcomed Nellie to their home. And soon, the family welcomed Nellie’s family.

“I started posting about them on Instagram and everybody is so excited about just something happy and heartwarming,” Truszkowski said.  “It’s birth and optimism and growth during this lonely time.”

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Pile of nuggets

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The whole family has had a lot of visitors – through the window of course.

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More Nelly Fan Club members❤️

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It was a special delivery that provided exactly what the Wilmette neighborhood needed.

The Truszkowski family is planning to keep mom Nellie and if the girls have their way, one puppy from the litter. But dad still needs some convincing.

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