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GLEN ELLYN, Ill. — When quarantine kept them inside and their thoughts were consumed with protecting their grandparents, a family business was born.

Meet the Royce family have been busy at their west suburban Glen Ellyn home.

“We were talking, and we started thinking about what life was going to be like when we were all back together,” Kenna Royce said. “And we knew that we needed a way to distinguish the people who were high risk for the virus than the people who have already had it and were not in that high risk category.”

And that’s how they came up with the idea for colorful wristbands.

The project has been a labor of love.

Inspired by their grandparents, Kenna and her brothers Colby and Hayden said they wanted a way to keep them safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We really wanted to make sure that we were looking out for them and that other people were looking out for them as well because they had been in Florida,” Kenna Royce said. “And now they’re back and we just really want to keep them safe.”

Their red wristband is designed for those most at risk.

“It’s meant for people who are over 60, those who have a compromised immune system or other underlying issue,” Colby Royce said. “The people in this category are pretty much our grandparents and we want to keep them safe.”

The yellow is for caution.

“For people who have not gotten the coronavirus yet but should stay aware of it and should stay home and practice social distancing,” Hayden Royce said. “This is most of us right now.”

And there’s green, a badge of honor.

“This one says, ‘COVID-19 recovered,’” Kenna Royce said.

Its for those who can now help spread awareness and hope.

“Just make sure that they are communicating the severity of the virus and how important social distancing is to win the fight,” she said.

Before the family sends out the wristbands, they disinfect them as they work on a production line in their kitchen.

“We make sure there is nothing that will put anyone at risk when they get their wristbands,” Kenna Royce said.

“he bracelets are just a really simple a silent sort of way to communicate what your status is,” their mother Tracie Royce said.

To honor those on the frontlines of the pandemic, the family made a special purple version. They plan to donate 500 to healthcare workers.

“We’re going to be donating 500 wristbands to any medical institution that wants to provide them to their frontline workers that are working everyday risking their lives to save ours,” their father Andy Royce said.

The family is partnering with a local company CNC Medical that is providing the red wristbands to any child in Illinois who has an underlying medical condition.

To learn more about the wristbands, check out:

Any family registered with the Early intervention program, which is children 0 to 3 in Illinois, can call or email and CNC will send out a red bracelet to the family free of charge for their child. Visit them on the web at

ArtVersion is a branding and website developer that listened to the idea and immediately jumped on board to donate their time to build for the Royce family.

BlueStone Advisors has provided funding for the wristbands so far, but Kenna and her family would love other sponsors and/or supporters.