Staying healthy at the office: How to work the right way

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It can be a dangerous habit – working! For many, that means sitting at a desk and staring at a computer on average for more than nine hours a day. The inactivity takes a toll on the body.

WGN asked a physical therapist to show us the right way to work, and you’ll be surprised just how little it takes to set yourself up for a healthier day at the office.

“People usually work in static positions, so when they work in static positions there is lack of circulation and prolonged posturing creates tightness in muscles,” said Accelerated physical therapist Diane Newquist.

It’s a gradual progression but pain and discomfort that comes from poor workplace posture can change the way our bodies work and feel.

“Our body starts to form to the positions that we adopt. Normally we are looking down at our computers. That creates, just like a bowling ball, about a 12 to 16 pound force out here, and what’s keeping our neck straight are these little small muscles, which get tight, can create headaches and can cause stress to the working body,” Newquist said.

There are many exercises you can do right at your desk to relieve workstation stress. 

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