Pilates: An unlikely, yet powerful source for injury rehab

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It may seem like a stretch but Pilates can be a powerful rehabilitation tool. Whether after hip or knee surgery – getting back to action may be as easy as taking to the mat.

Building core strength and enhancing muscles around the injury makes for faster recovery and long term success.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brett Levine says not only can it help with rehabilitation,  Pilates can also help eliminate some of the aches and pains that come with aging and arthritis.  And once you learn the technique, it’s yours as a lifelong tool for a healthier body.

For more information about Dr. Levine , log on to www.rushortho.com. A

At Accelerated Rehabilitation Center in Darien, physical therapists are using Pilates as a form of rehabilitation for patients who have had knee and hip surgery. For More Information, log on to:  www.acceleratedrehab.com.

The book can be ordered on the Amazon website:


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