Oxford COVID-19 vaccine trial underway

Medical Watch

The ultimate goal of research is for a vaccine to fight COVID-19 long term.

And on Tuesday, the world is a step closer as University of Oxford launches the largest vaccine trial to date.

6,000 people will get an inoculation by the end of next month.

It was fast-tracked to such a large number because a similar coronavirus vaccine was already tested to ensure it was not harmful to humans.

So researchers are able to move full speed ahead for the next phase.

They first altered the vaccine slightly to target this novel coronavirus. Researchers in Montana gave a single dose to monkeys. They were exposed to SARSCoV2 in quantities that had previously made other monkeys very sick.

Every vaccinated monkey remained healthy.

Scientists are so optimistic, at the same time the vaccine human trials are underway, investors are pouring millions of dollars into facilities to start the manufacturing process in Britain and the Netherlands.

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