For Tuesday, Aug. 22, WGN’s Dina Bair has new medical information, including:

CDC study finds long Covid can emerge months after infection

Covid sufferers may get over their acute illness and feel fine, only to degrade weeks, even months later. 

A new Centers for Disease Control study shows the delay that occurs for some patients with long Covid. 

There is positive news, cases of long Covid are dropping. 

But the debilitating symptoms of long Covid including extreme fatigue, cognitive difficulties, breathing and gastrointestinal problems, headaches, and heart issues can emerge unexpectedly months after the initial infection. 

One in four people in the study experienced significant limitations in daily activities as a result of long Covid. 

High-fat diets can increase risk of colon cancer

A high-fat diet gives people a higher likelihood of being diagnosed with colon cancer. 

Fatty foods alter gut bacteria creating an environment ripe for cancer cells to grow. 

Salk Institute scientists found specific microbes and bile acids prevalent after fatty food consumption. 

As the prevalence of colon cancer rises, especially among people younger than 50, doctors are looking for possible contributors and ways to reduce the risk. 

They say this study points to the need to consume fewer fatty foods to lower the chances of colon cancer. 

Physical activity improves kids’ health

As kids head back to school and their schedules fill up, make sure to carve out time for physical activity. 

Between classroom time, homework, and social media, young people spend a troubling amount of time staring at a screen.  

The American Heart Association says that inactivity needs to be offset with exercise to maintain heart health as kids grow. 

In addition to exercise — make time for healthy meals. 

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