For Tuesday, Nov. 21, WGN’s Dana Rebik has new medical information, including:

AI could help spot autism early in childhood

Researchers at the University of Louisville created the AI system that analyzes specialized brain MRIs. 

They say the tool diagnosed 226 toddlers with an almost 99% accuracy rate. 

Early diagnosis can be vital in helping children on the autism spectrum thrive. 

Studies have shown a child with autism who begins therapeutic intervention before the age of three will be better able to achieve greater independence. 

Quercetin blamed for red wine headaches

Researchers at the University of California think they’ve figured out why some people get headaches from red wine. 

They’re blaming the plant-based nutrient quercetin, a flavonoid in many fruits and vegetables. 

Quercetin is usually considered a healthy antioxidant, but researchers say it can turn into a toxin when the body processes it alongside alcohol. 

Levels of quercetin can vary dramatically in red wine, depending on the amount of sunlight the wine-producing grapes are exposed to before harvest. 

That’s why not everyone who gets headaches from red wine gets them from all red wines. 

FDA approves drug for cat anxiety

Traveling with your cat can make it nervous, but now there’s a new medicine to help ease the worries.

The FDA recently approved a pill for cat anxiety called Bonqat.

The prescription drug is designed to help with anxiety and fear that’s linked to transportation. 

That could include traveling for the holidays or just a vet trip. 

Symptoms of cat anxiety can include lots of meowing, lip smacking, and drooling. 

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