MedWatch Daily Digest: Vaccination rates, finding a kidney on TikTok, salmonella and more

Medical Watch

For Tuesday, May 11, WGN’s Medical Reporter Dina Bair has the latest on new information including:

  • University of Alberta virologists tested the medication and found it attacks SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. It works by changing the viral genome of the virus – -essentially creating an error catastrophe for the replicating germ.
  • Some sobering news when it comes to serious Covid infections. Eight out of 10 people hospitalized with COVID-19 develop neurological problems.
    A study by University of Pittsburgh researchers found neurological ramifications in active infection and among survivors.
  • An ultrasensitive test can diagnose Covid and the flu with one swab.
    Developed by University of California Santa Cruz scientists, the chip based antigen test identifies SAR CoV-2 and Influenza-A.
  • A new perspective piece in the New England Journal of Medicine says vaccine access and vaccination rates are high in high to upper-income countries.
  •   A salmonella outbreak in 12 states may be linked to ground turkey. One of the 28 reported cases was traced back to ground turkey produced by Plainville brands.
  • A vitamin used to keep skin clear and healthy could hold the key to treating pancreatic cancer and liver disease. An Australian bio-tech entrepreneur developed a new way of dispensing powerful chemicals found in Vitamin E.
  • A woman who needed a new kidney found a donor through Tik Tok.

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