MedWatch Daily Digest: Alzheimer’s treatment, Covid and pets, herd immunity, mental health support and more

Medical Watch

For Thursday, May 6, WGN’s Medical Reporter Dina Bair has the latest on new information including:

  • Asthma attacks plummeted among black and Hispanic people in pandemic.
  • Obesity has been linked to more serious Covid infections and a greater risk for death but the association is even more powerful for men.
  • Men who are more prone to hair loss are also more likely to come down with a severe case of COVID-19.
  • A common cancer treatment may offer some help for Alzheimer’s patients. Baycrest Center hospital in Ontario conducted a small study using low dose brain radiation. The radiation stimulates the natural protection systems in the brain.
  • A better Covid screen than a thermometer may be necessary for older people. Baseline temperatures in older adults are lower, meaning a thermometer may miss a fever associated with COVID-19.
  • When it comes to Covid and pets, doctors are beginning to see they were more affected than we first realized. A Crazilian study reveals 31 percent of dogs and 40 percent of cats tested positive for covid-19 after their owners’ diagnosis.

From the Midday News

  • Public health experts and scientists say they do not believe herd immunity is attainable for the near future, if ever, due to dropping vaccination rates.
  •  A new poll shows Americans struggling with mental health issues don’t feel supported. The Genesight Mental Health poll found 83 percent of people say life would be easier if others could understand what they’re going through.
  • A new study finds a new danger with eating too much salt. Researchers say elevated amounts of sodium in the blood can make you more vulnerable to illness from bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.

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