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For Thursday, April 27 WGN’s Medical Reporter Dina Bair has the latest on new information including the following.

  • Some new insight into what causes Autism. Changes in a father’s sperm are linked to Autistic traits in their children.
  • Genes may play a role in opioid addiction and the results of a new study may help in the development of better treatments for opioid use disorder.
  • And a deadly eating disorder may start in the gut.
  • A drug that unleashes the immune system is being called a game changer in the fight against cancer of the esophagus. A clinical trial of nearly 800 patients in 29 countries found that Opdivo helps the body fight cancer cells that evade radiation and chemo.
  • Passing Covid immunity from mother to child. When pregnant women are vaccinated, they transfer antibodies to the baby.
  • Even though young children rarely get seriously ill with Covid — the pandemic is taking a terrible toll. Lurie Children’s physicians say more than 70,000 toddlers and children in Chicago are showing symptoms of hampered mental and behavioral health.
  • A new view of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 may help fuel production of the next generation of vaccines. German scientists looked even closer, capturing this image of the protein tethered to a viral membrane with a slender stalk.