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Fertility Preservation for Patients

Cancer patients in some parts of the country don’t have access to fertility preservation.

A study published in JAMA Oncology found more than 3.6 million reproductive age females lack access to what’s known as “oncofertility” services. That access depends on the state a woman lives in.

Researchers say women who live in states like Illinois that have legislation that mandates making egg and embryo freezing affordable and accessible.. Have a nearly 100% chance to a oncofertility center.

The study highlights disparities among states when it comes to a woman’s chance of having children after cancer treatments.

Stress & Sex

Men and women respond differently to stress biologically.

Chronic stress alters brain cells of males and females in unique ways.

Weizmann Institute of Science researchers say the finding opens the door for personalized therapy for depression, anxiety, and stress related disorders like obesity and diabetes.

 Mental and physical disorders caused by chronic stress affect men and women, but experts say only by studying the individual manifestation can we arrive at effective, lasting  therapies.

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