For Wednesday, Aug. 16, WGN’s Dina Bair has new medical information, including:

Kids in mental health flooding emergency rooms

A joint report published in the journal, Pediatrics, says the emergency room is oftentimes the only place they get treatment. 

ER physicians say not only are they not equipped to deal with those cases, but they take away from the patients they are trained to treat. 

The report recommends emergency departments add dedicated spaces for psychiatric screening and treatment. 

But they still say it would be best if children had community centers and resources to treat them continuously. 

RSV vaccines for infants

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infants older than eight months old be given the new RSV vaccine.   

The contagious respiratory illness is common and can be deadly for high-risk children. 

The FDA has approved a new vaccine under the name Beyfortus. 

The CDC also recommends the shot. 

Clinical trials found it reduced the risk of hospitalization by 75%.  

RSV season typically begins in late fall in the United States.  

Exercise while young to avoid cancer

Working out while you’re young could help you avoid certain cancers later in life. 

New research found cardiorespiratory fitness can lower your risk of nine cancers by up to 42%. 

The cancers avoided the most include lung, liver, and stomach cancer. 

The data comes from men who served in the Swedish military, starting at age 16 to 25. 

Those who had lower cardiorespiratory fitness were more likely to be obese or have a history of alcohol and substance abuse which are risk factors for cancer. 

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