How patients who tested positive for COVID-19 are being treated

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CHICAGO — Many scientists are working on potential treatments for COVID-19. Right now, patients can only be supported while they recover. There is no current treatment.

Patients receive fluids, oxygen and support when they are infected. They may get antibiotics for secondary infections that develop while a person is fighting the virus.

Gilead Sciences’ Remdesivir is being rushed to patients with COVID-19 in hopes it will reduce the intensity and duration of illness. It is an anti-viral drug that was tried unsuccessfully against SARS and MERS, but doctors know when used in those cases it caused no harm to patients. The first patient to get COVID-19 in the US got Remdesivir.

Results of that case and others should be available next month. The World Health Organization said it is the only drug right now that may have real efficacy.

Chinese doctors treating COVID-19 patients there claim a drug used to treat the human immunodeficiency virus — or HIV — works against COVID-19. Aluvia is made by AbbVie. The company is working with the FDA, CDC and National Institutes of Health for the experimental use of the know drug for a new viral disease.

Australian researchers are claiming they have found the cure for COVID-19 in an anti-malaria drug. They said chloroquine made the virus disappear in infected patients and eliminated virus-induced pneumonia.

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