Honoring the health care workers we have lost

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Even with the great fear of infection, so many people are giving during this time.

Whether you are reluctantly holed up in your home or out as an essential worker.

Bus drivers, truckers, grocery store employees, postal carriers, sanitation workers, paramedics, firefighters and many more are all going to work.

But those who work in the hospital have the heaviest burden and put their lives on the line to treat COVID-19 patients.

When you see the number of healthcare workers who have died in the battle, you will see why they are shining brightest in this dark time.


Isaac Abadi, MD, 90, Professor of Internal Medicine and Rheumatology, Miami, Florida
Musa Fath Abadi, age unknown, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Tehran, Iran
Abdullah Abbasi, age unknown, Infectious Disease Specialist, Gorgan, Iran
Luigi Ablondi, 66, Epidemiologist, Cremona, Italy
Tahmineh Adibi, age unknown, Nurse, Bandar-e Anzali, Iran
Abdel Sattar Airoud, 74, General Practitioner, Piacenza, Italy
Vincenza Amato, 65, Medical Director, Bergamo, Italy
Afshar Amiri, age unknown, Psychiatrist, Tehran, Iran
Abdulshakur Hazhir Amiri, age unknown, Pharmacist, Rasht, Iran
Larrice Anderson, 46, Nurse, New Orleans, Louisiana
Hassan Arbab, age unknown, Hospital Staff, Mashhad, Iran
Malik Ashtar, 50, Nursing Staff, Gilgit, Pakistan
Gaetano Autore, 68, General Practitioner, Naples, Italy
Madhvi Aya, 61, Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine, Brooklyn, New York
Saeid Azizi, age unknown, Ophthalmologist, Zabol, Iran
Ramin Azizifar, age unknown, Nurse, Tehran, Iran


Samad Babazadeh, age unknown, General Practitioner, Babol, Iran
Israel Bactol, 34, Cardiologist, Metro Manila, Philippines
Domenico Bardelli, 75, Dentist, Lodi, Italy
Manuel Barragan, 63, General Practitioner, Cordoba, Spain
Kamran Bayat, age unknown, Surgical Technician, Tehran, Iran
Nilufar Esmail Beigi, age unknown, General Practitioner, Tehran, Iran
Anusheh Beikian, age unknown, Obstetrician, Rasht, Iran
Diego Bianco, 47, Paramedic, Lombardy, Italy
Jean-Marie Boegle, 66, OB-GYN, Mulhouse, France
Massimo Borghese, 63, Otolaryngologist, Naples, Italy
Giuseppe Borghi, 64, General Practitioner, Lodi, Italy
Araceli Buendia Ilagan, 63, ICU Nurse, Miami, Florida
Antonio Buonomo, 65, Medical Examiner, Naples, Italy
Antonino Buttafuoco, 66, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy


Mario Calonghi, 55, Dentist, Brescia, Italy
Giulio Calvi, 72, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy
Andrea Carli, 69, General Practitioner, Lodi, Italy
Ricardo Castaneda, 64, Psychiatrist, New York City
Marino Chiodi, 70, Ophthalmologist, Bergamo, Italy
Marcello Cifola, age unknown, Otolaryngologist, Italy
Aurelio Maria Comelli, 69, Cardiologist, Bergamo, Italy
Benedetto Comotti, 74, Hematologist, Bergamo, Italy


Francesco Dall’Antonia, 82, urgeon, Vicenza, Italy
Jeannie Danker, 60, Radiologist, Columbus, Ohio
Hamidreza Davoudi, age unknown, Pharmacist, Babol, Iran
Siamak Dayushli, age unknown, Pediatrician, Bandar-e Anzali, Iran
Francesco De Alberti, Former OMCeO President, Lecco, Italy
Francesco De Francesco, 82, Retired, Former Hospital Doctor, Bergamo, Italy
Domenico De Gilio, 66, General Practitioner, Lecco, Italy
Ahmad Soleimani Doust, age unknown, Hospital Staff, Qom, Iran


Hanieh Edalati, age unknown, Hospital Staff, Takestan, Iran
Amged el-Hawrani, 55, ENT Specialist, Burton on Trent, England
Adil el-Tayar, 63, Transplant Surgeon, Isleworth, London, England
Ahmed el-Lawah, 50, Professor of Clinical Pathology, Cairo, Egypt
Raul D. Eslao, 53, Registered Nurse, Westland, Michigan
Tahereh Esmaili, age unknown, Nurse, Qom, Iran
Raul Garcia Espinoza, 53, Nurse, Mexico City, Mexico
Lisa Ewald, 54, Nurse, Detroit, Michigan


Antoni Feixa, 57, Doctor, Barcelona, Spain
Taghi Ahari Farshchi, age unknown, Pediatrician, Tabriz, Iran
Gino Fasoli, 73, Retired General Practitioner, Brescia, Italy
Henry Fernandez, 77, Physician, Pangasinan, Philippines
Giuseppe Finzi, 62, Hematologist, Parma, Italy
Anna Maria Focarete, 69, Provincial Councilor FIMMG, Lecco, Italy
Francesco Foltrani, 67, General Practitioner, Macerata, Italy
Giovanni Francesconi, 90, General Practitioner, Brescia, Italy
Luigi Frusciante, 71, General Practitioner, Como, Italy


Frank Gabrin, 60, Emergency Medicine Physician, New York City
Bruna Galavotti, 86, Psychiatrist, Bergamo, Italy
Maurizio Galderisi, 65, Cardiologist, Naples, Italy
Franco Galli, 65, General Practitioner, Mantua, Italy
Ivano Garzena, 48, Dentist, Turin, Italy
Salvacion Rodriguez-Gatchalian, 67, Pediatrician, Manila, Philippines
Rosario Vittorio Gentile, 67, General Practitioner, Cremona, Italy
Calogero Giabbarrasi, 68, General Practitioner, Caltanissetta, Italy
Raffaele Giura, 80, Pneumologist, Como, Italy
Mario Giovita, 65, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy
Mohammad Kazem Golresan, age unknown, Laboratory Technician, Yazd, Iran
James T. Goodrich, 73, Neurosurgeon, New York City
Renzo Granata, 68, General Practitioner, Alessandria, Italy


Thomas Harvey, 57, Healthcare Assistant, London, England
Capt. Douglas Linn Hickok (US Army), 57, Physician Assistant, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Amir Reza Honarkar, age unknown, Physiotherapist, Tehran, Iran
Nader Hosseinpour, age unknown, Hospital Staff, Lahijan, Iran
Ghorbanali Hosseinzadeh, age unknown, Nurse, Kashan, Iran
Alex Hsu, 67, Internal Medicine, Margate, Florida


Araceli Buendia Ilagan, 63, ICU Nurse, Miami, Florida
Vahid Irvani, age unknown, Psychiatrist, Tehran, Iran
Goran Ivankovic, 56, Urologist, Cuprija, Serbia


Molud Jafari, age unknown, Nurse, Tehran, Iran
Javad Jalalinia, age unknown, Anesthesiologist, Babol, Iran
Marcelo Jaochico, 56, Chief, Provincial Health Office, Philippines
Raul Diaz Jara, 71, Cardiologist, Philippines
Jiang Xueqing, 55, Surgeon, Wuhan, China
Hossein Johari, age unknown, ENT Specialist, Qom, Iran
Norman Jones, 72, Cardiologist, Como, Italy


Shahrouz Karimian, age unknown, Nurse, Tehran, Iran
Zabihullah Kaviani, age unknown, Healthcare Worker, Borujen, Iran
Kious Kelly, 48, ER Nurse, New York City
Mohsen Khadem, age unknown, Operating Room Nurse, Kashan, Iran
Narges Khanalizadeh, 25, Nurse, Lahijan, Iran
Gholamreza Vosughi Kia, age unknown, Nurse, Rasht, Iran
Soheil Kianfar, 43, Urologist, Rasht, Iran
Kim King-Smith, 53, EKG Technician, Newark, New Jersey


Theresa Lacoco, 68, Pediatric Nurse, Brooklyn, New York
Giuseppe Lanati, 73, Pulmonologist, Como, Italy
Michele Lauriola, 67, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy
Vincenzo Leone, 65, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy
Marco Lera, 68, Dentist, Lucca, Italy
Li Wenliang, 33, Ophthalmologist, Wuhan, China
Liu Fan, 59, Nurse, Wuhan, China
Liu Zhiming, 51, Director of Wuchang Hospital, Wuhan, China
Biljana Natic Ljumovic, 59, OB-GYN, Niš, Serbia
Gabriele Lombardi, 68, Dentist, Brescia, Italy
Sara Bravo López, 28, General Practitioner, Cuenca, Spain
Hamid Lotfi, age unknown, Orthopedic Surgeon, Rasht, Iran
Roberto Mario Lovotti, 69, General Practitioner, Milan, Italy
Piero Lucarelli, 74, Anesthesiologist, Bergamo, Italy
Viviane “Vivi” Rocha de Luiz, 61, Nurse, Brasília, Brazil
Francisco Avelino Siy Lukban, 62, Cardiologist, Metro Manila, Philippines
Rosario Lupo, 65, Medical Examiner, Bergamo, Italy


Romeo Gregorio “Greg” Macasaet III, 62, Anesthesiologist, Manila, Philippines
Antonio Maghernino, 59, Medical Continuity Doctor, Foggia, Italy
Hamidreza Mahini, age unknown, General Practitioner, Pakdasht, Iran
Giuseppe Maini, 74, General Practitioner, Piacenza, Italy
Abdulghani Taki Makki, 78, Dentist, Italy
Gholamali Manavian, age unknown, General Practitioner, Sari, Iran
Leonardo Marchi, 65, Infectious Disease Doctor, Cremona, Italy
Arturo Olvera Martínez, age unknown, Physician, Hidalgo, Mexico
Denise Roxana Murillo Martínez, 56, Primary Care Physician, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Julián Santos-Gonzalez Martinez, 64, Secretary of Medicine, Albacete, Spain
Ivan Mauri, 69, General Practitioner, Lecco, Italy
Mohammad Ghader Norouz Mehr, age unknown, Hospital Staff, Rasht, Iran
Rabbi Yaakov Meltzer, 60, Physician Assistant, Brooklyn, New York
Roberto Mileti, 59, Gynecologist, Rome, Italy
Sorena Mirmirani, age unknown, Psychologist, Amol, Iran
Mohammad Mohammadi, age unknown, General Practitioner, Rasht, Iran
Isabel Muñoz, 59, General Practitioner, Salamanca, Spain
Vahid Monsef, age unknown, Emergency Medicine Specialist, Rasht, Iran
Ali Sheikh Moradi, age unknown, Nurse, Rasht, Iran
Seyyedeh Azemat Mousavi, age unknown, Obstetrician, Sari, Iran
Seyyed Yousef Musavi, age unknown, General Practitioner, Golestan, Iran
John F. Murray, 92, Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician, San Francisco, California


Marcello Natali, 56, General Practitioner, Lodi, Italy
Iraj Ebrahimi Nezhad, age unknown, General Practitioner, Babol, Iran
Reza Kouchaki Nia, age unknown, Pediatrician, Rasht, Iran
Farid Niruyi, age unknown, Surgeon, Babol, Iran
Nahid Noshad, age unknown, Nurse, Gilan, Iran


Freda Ocran, 50, Psychiatric Nurse, New York City
José Manuel Sanchez Ortega, age unknown, Surgeon, Barcelona, Spain
Feriha Oz, 87, Pathologist, Professor, Istanbul, Turkey


Carlo Alberto Passera, 62, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy
Tomas Pattugalan, 70, Internal Medicine Physician, Queens, New York
Habibullah Peiravi, age unknown, Vascular Surgeon, Tehran, Iran
Dino Pesce, 74, Internist, Genoa, Italy
Esmaeil Bakhshi Pour, age unknown, Hospital Staff, Fouman, Iran
Reza Poursaki, age unknown, Nurse, Abadan, Iran
Rosalinda “Rose” Pulido, 46, Oncologist, Pasay City, Philippines


Mohammad Ali Rabi’e, age unknown, General Practitioner, Shaft, Iran
Seyyed Mozaffar Rabi’e, age unknown, Anesthesiologist, Babol, Iran
Shirin Rouhani Rad, age unknown, General Practitioner, Pakdasht, Iran
Hermes Roberto Radtke, 43, Radiologist, Fortaleza, Brazil
Raola Ragutam, age unknown, Internal Medicine, Saveh, Iran
Mahen Ramloll, 70, General Practitioner, France
Jean-Jacques Razafindranazy, 67, Emergency Doctor, Lille, France
Mark Respler, 66, Urologist, Brooklyn, New York
Leandro Resurreccion III, 57, Pediatric Transplant Surgeon, Manila, the Philippines
Gualberto Reyes, 45, Emergency Medicine Physician, Mexico
Walberto Reyes de la Cruz, age unknown, Urologist, Monclova, Mexico
Usama Riaz, 26, Physician, Gilgit, Pakistan
Guido Riva, 78, General Practitioner, Bergamo, Italy
Luigi Rocca, 93, Pediatrician, Piacenza, Italy
Roghieh Ronaghi, age unknown, Healthcare Worker, Someh Sara, Iran
Flavio Roncoli, 89, Retired, Bergamo, Italy
Arastu Rostamnezhad, age unknown, General Practitioner, Pakdasht, Iran
Reza Rusta, age unknown, Hospital Staff, Tehran, Iran


Alfa Saadu, 68, Former Medical Director, Harlow, England
Mario Luigi Salerno, 68, Physiatrist, Bari, Italy
Mostafa Samadi, age unknown, Pediatrician, Babol, Iran
Usman Sani, 48, Pathologist, Malaysia
Jose Ramon Izquierdo Sanz, 61, General Practitioner, Cuenca, Spain
Gianpaolo Sbardolini, age unknown, General Practitioner, Italy
Olivier-Jacques Schneller, 68, General Practitioner, Trévenans, France
Stephen Schwartz, 78, Pathologist, Seattle, Washington
Sa’adat Shakibayi, age unknown, Nurse, Yasouj, Iran
Mahmoud Shamsuddini, age unknown, Hospital Staff, Yazd, Iran
Pooja Sharma, 33, Clinical Pharmacist, Eastbourne, UK
Ardeshir Shiran, age unknown, General Practitioner, Isfahan, Iran
Ali Mahmood Khan Shirazi, age unknown, General Practitioner, Shiraz, Iran
Marino Signori, age unknown, Occupational Physician, Italy
Song Yingjie, 28, Hospital Pharmacist, Wuhan, China
Manfredo Squeri, 75, Former Hospital Physician, Parma, Italy
Roberto Stella, 57, General Practitioner, Varese, Italy


Valter Tarantini, 71, Gynecologist, Forlì Cesena, Italy
Cemil Tascioglu, 67, Professor of Internal Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
Juan Miguel Ochoa Tejeda, 62, Plastic Surgeon, Campina, São Paulo, Brazil
Giulio Titta, 73, General Practitioner, Turin, Italy
Gaetana Trimarchi, 57, General Practitioner, Messina, Italy
Israel Tolentino, 33, Emergency Medical Technician, Passaic, New Jersey
Abbas Tousan, age unknown, ENT Specialist, Surgeon, Babol, Iran
Dennis Ramon Tudtud, age unknown, Oncologist, Cebu, Philippines
Helen Tudtud, 66, Pathologist, Cebu, Philippines


Marcello Ugolini, 70, Pulmonologist, Pesaro Urbino, Italy


Mehdi Variji, age unknown, General Practitioner, Tehran, Iran
Ivano Vezzulli, 61, General Practitioner, Sports Physician, Lodi, Italy
Denis Vincent, 62, Dentist, North Vancouver, Canada
Morteza Vojdan, age unknown, General Practitioner, Mashhad, Iran


Wang Tucheng, 27, Doctor, Henan’s Xinwangzhuang village, China
Sylvain Welling, 60, General Practitioner, France
Diedre Wilkes, 42, Mammogram Technician, Newnan, Georgia
Judy Wilson-Griffin, age unknown, Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist, St. Louis, Missouri
Leone Marco Wischkin, 71, Internist, Pesaro Urbino, Italy
Liang Wudong, 62, ENT Specialist, Wuhan, China


Xia Sisi, 29, Gastroenterologist, Wuhan, China
Xu Hui, 51, Leader of a hospital’s virus control group, Nanjing, China


Esmail Yazdi, age unknown, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Tehran, Iran
Satyavardhana Rao Yerubandi, 73, General Surgery, Huntsville, Alabama
Peng Yinhua, 29, Respiratory doctor, Wuhan, China


Mohammad Bakhshali Zadeh, age unknown, General Practitioner, Rasht, Iran
Narjes Khanali Zadeh, 25, Nurse, Lahijan, Iran
Iman Moein Zadeh, age unknown, Nurse, Astaneh Ashrafieh, Iran
Habib Zaidi, 76, General Practitioner, Leigh-on-Sea, England
Carlo Zavaritt, 80, Pediatrician and Child Neuropsychiatrist, Bergamo, Italy
Hamidreza Zeinali, age unknown, Pharmacist, Tehran, Iran
Mei Zhongming, 57, Ophthalmologist, Wuhan, China
Anonymous Healthcare Employee, 48, Donalsonville, Georgia

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