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It’s not a little blue pill, but a pulsing sound wave. The technology has been in use for decades for medical ailments – and now a local doctor is harnessing its power to help patients boost their sexual health.

Jason Solid, Gainswave patient: “I’m 49 so you feel the physiologic changes as you age. It’s hard to find a man in his late 40s that hasn’t tried some sort of ED medication.”

Yuri Polyak, 50, Gainswave patient: “Everybody has issues as we age and instead of hiding it under the carpet it’s better to talk about it and discuss it as well as address the issues that you have.”

It’s not something many choose to talk about, but these men are.

Dr Paul Savage: “Over 40 percent of men come into our clinic with the complaint of erectile dysfunction.”

The disorder is often caused by microvascular disease. Just like plaque can build up in the heart over time – often due to high cholesterol, diabetes or obesity — as men age, it can inhibit other vessels in the body, resulting in a lack of blood flow.

Dr Savage: “With erections you have to have significant inflow of blood with a limited amount of outflow, so it’s like filling up a balloon. But when you have the inflow limited you can’t get enough pressure to get a full erection.”

Medications work to increase and retain blood flow. But health and wellness physician Dr Paul Savage offers his patients an alternative treatment that addresses the underlying issue.

Dr Savage: “What it does is use acoustic sound waves to actually break up the plaques in the penis so that the blood flow starts to restore. It actually breaks down the plaque that exists and actually stimulates the growth of new blood vessels.”

It’s called the Gainswave. Numbing cream dulls the sensation of the pulsating sound waves – a technology that’s also used to help break up kidney stones and treat problems with muscles and tendons.

Paul Foster: I have a wonderful girlfriend, and I want to be as much for her as I am myself.”

This is Paul Foster’s seventh treatment with the technology. He’s going for a total of 12, but some patients experience results after a half dozen sessions.

Paul Foster: “I noticed a difference probably treatment number five. I’ve also noticed I have more endurance.”

Dr Savage: “In most clients, 30 percent of clients are off their pills within six treatments, and 60 percent are on a lower dose within six treatments.”

Paul Foster: “To actively speak out for this and talk about the experience, it can only be a learning experience for other people.”

The Gainswave treatments are not covered by insurance and cost $3000 for six sessions. You can learn more about the technology at:

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