Medical Watch Digest for Sept 25

Long Covid Biomarker

Two new studies hoping to clear up the mysteries of long Covid.

The studies are examining the biology behind the chronic condition, with an aim to pin point the hallmarks of it.

Experts say long Covid can often be misdiagnosed as depression or a mental condition. But identifying biomarkers would give scientists an objective way to identify who has long Covid and how to treat it.

Big tobacco may be responsible for junk food additions

A new study claims tobacco companies are responsible for hooking Americans on junk food.
In the ’80s, tobacco giants Phillip Morris and R.J. Reynolds acquired Kraft, General Mills, and Nabisco. By the 2000s, they offloaded the companies.

But a new study finds during the years of tobacco industry ownership,  junk foods were more likely to contain ingredients that drive people to crave and overeat them than those owned by other companies.

In the past 30 years, these foods have been linked to a surge in obesity and diet related diseases.

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