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ROSEMONT – Leave it to the “Punky QB” to deliver one of the most memorable moments of a once in a century reunion. Fittingly, it was a delivery itself that made it all the more special.

During a panel discussion on Saturday at the Rosemont Convention Center during the Bears’ 100th anniversary reunion, Jim McMahon decided to present current Bears’ quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with a gift familiar to Bears fans. It was his signature headband and sunglasses, which McMahon sported through his career with the team from 1982-1988.

“To be successful, man, you’ve got to start wearing the headband and some sunglasses,” said McMahon as he handed the items to Trubisky.

“Step one,” responded Trubisky to the gifts.

“Now you’re ready to go, kid,” said McMahon. “Things will start to change now with all that on.”

Trubisky kept the gear on the entire time the panel discussion was going on, fielding the questions from moderators Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer. He would like to do what McMahon did back in 1985, and remains the only quarterback to do so in a Bears’ uniform: Win a Super Bowl championship.

The “Punky QB” was at the helm for that season in which the Bears went 18-1 en route to a Super Bowl XX victory over the Patriots on January 26, 1986. He, like Trubisky, was a first round draft pick for a team that was in the midst of building a winner, and for the most part, the Bears were one of the best teams in the NFL in the 1980s.

Now in his third season with the Bears as the anointed franchise quarterback, Trubisky tries to surpass what McMahon did during his era with the franchise. From 1982-1988, McMahon threw for 11,203 yards with 100 touchdowns compared to 90 interceptions as he fought injuries most of his tenure in Chicago. He also had the greatest running back in Bears and, to many, in NFL history in Walter Payton in his backfield all but one season, limiting his times which he could air it out.

So when looking at Trubisky’s potential career path, McMahon has some high hopes, especially with the quarterback playing in Matt Nagy’s high-powered offense.

“This offense showcases his talents. I would have love to play in an offense like this where you’ve got so many things going on and so many options,” said McMahon. “I think it would be a lot of fun to play in the that offense.”

He’ll have the offensive weapons in place to do so over the next few years along with a few accessories passed down from one signal caller to another.