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McDonald’s plans to launch a line of updated Quarter Pounders along with a new bacon.

The Oak Brook-based burger giant said Monday that is launching three new Quarter Pounders, one with bacon and cheddar, another with lettuce, tomato and onion, and a third with habanero ranch sauce. The burgers will feature a bun made with eight grams of whole grain, and in some cases a new, thicker, apple wood smoked bacon.

“We’ve had some feedback from our consumer that our bacon may not have been as high quality or met their expectations but we are just in the process of rolling out a new bacon system wide,” Neil Golden, chief marketing officer of McDonald’s USA said in an interview. “We feel like that bacon is a fabulous enhancement to many of our products,” such as the chain’s premium McWraps and chicken sandwiches.

The burgers will debut mid-June, and Golden said the bacon is now being rolled out.

Although the Quarter Pounders replacing the chain’s Angus Third Pounders, McDonald’s spokeswoman Danya Proud said the decision was not a result of commodity cost increases.

Proud said the burgers were created because the chain has seen sales surge when it revisits core menu items such as the Big Mac and chicken nuggets. McDonald’s hasn’t done anything with its Quarter Pounder in more than 40 years, she said.

As McDonald’s adds to its menu, the chain must also pull less popular items. It recently launched premium McWrap’s and an Egg White Delight McMuffin, it has dropped Chicken Selects, Angus Snack Wraps and the Fruit and Walnut salad.

This news on the Quarter Pounders was first reported by the Associated Press.

-Chicago Tribune reporting