Mayor: No hikes on property, sales or gas taxes

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Mayor Emanuel today pledged no hikes to property, sales or gas taxes in his next budget.  However, there are many other ways of raising revenue and there’s an array of fees the mayor’s open to increasing.

And he told reporters about one of them at the end of a round-table meeting with small business leaders today.  Emanuel says he will look at the cost of applying in person for building and zoning permits. The idea, he says, is to provide an incentive to get those permits electronically instead. It’s part of a paperless way of doing business the mayor`s championing to streamline city services. He says his budget team hasn`t figured out just yet how much the in-person fee will be or what else will increase.

There is a $338 million dollar budget gap to close.

Some tempting targets include the city`s amusement tax and the so-called sin taxes, on cigarettes and liquor.

Past years have brought increases in the water and sewer rate and the cost of city vehicle stickers.

The mayor says he and his budget team aren`t done yet and are still working on the document he`ll propose to aldermen two weeks from today.


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