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CHICAGO — Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot met with the current mayor of Chicago after she became the first openly gay African-American woman to be elected to the city’s top job. She soundly defeated Toni Preckwinkle in the run-off race Tuesday evening and collected more than 366,000 votes, and won all 50 wards. On Wednesday, Lightfoot and Mayor Rahm Emanuel met at his office for an hour-long meeting. She said it was very cordial and productive. Earlier in the day, Emanuel talked about a smooth transition. He said has been clear with the cabinet that he wants to make the transition seamless. Also Wednesday, Lightfoot joined Preckwinkle and the Rev. Jesse Jackson for a unity news conference at Rainbow PUSH headquarters. Preckwinkle, who was relentless in attacking Lightfoot during the runoff, was gracious. “We have some real challenges ahead in our county and in our city and I look forward to working with Mayor Elect Lightfoot to address those challenges,” Preckwinkle said. Lightfoot also pledged cooperation. “She and I share many of the same policy goals. Criminal justice reform, affordable wages to equitable justice for our neighborhoods and while this was a spirited campaign, those shared values will serve us well as we work together for the good the city and the good of the country,” she said. During prayer, the rivals held hands. Lightfoot has seven weeks before she takes over. She said she wants to hit the ground running. “Mayor Rahm Emanuel is gonna be leaving office with a lot of unfinished business and I think it’s going to be really important on us to deliver on the mandate we’ve been given,” Lightfoot said. Earlier in the day, Lightfoot thanked voters at the Clark-Lake CTA station.
Lightfoot had a meeting with CPS Supt. Eddie Johnson scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. She said she wants to know what the plan is to keep residents safe this summer.