CHICAGO — Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson has been busy since election day with local and national leaders reaching out to him amid the win. Johnson met with Mayor Lori Lightfoot Thursday ahead of his inauguration next month.

This marked the first time since Johnson and Mayor Lightfoot met since he was elected on Tuesday. The pair met Thursday for an hour and a half sit down.

“The real opportunity to bring people together and the office of the mayor has an ole and responsibility to do that I really begin to feel that once I crossed that threshold,” Mayor-elect Johnson said.

Johnson didn’t give many details about what took place during Thursday’s meeting, only mentioned that Mayor Lightfoot was very welcoming and is committed to be available to him and his team, to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Mayor-elect Johnson was asked if Mayor Lightfoot gave him any advice following their Thursday meeting. He said she told him to always seize the moment, and to appreciated the opportunity to lead this city.

“We are uniting this city today,” Johnson said. “This moment quite frankly a historical where the first black woman, LGBTQ transitions her administration  to another black mayor.”

The 47-year-old teacher and former Cook County commissioner will inherit a city that seven in ten voters say is on the wrong track.

Johnson will now have to build relationships with City Council and implement his public safety plans — the top concern for voters across the city.

“The people of Chicago, no one disagrees with youth employment, no one disagrees with mental health support, no one disagrees with training and promoting 200 more detectives, no one disagrees with addressing the housing crisis,” Johnson said.

Johnson said his first plan of action was to meet with the newly created police district council.

The mayor-elect has stated that his strategy to address the root causes of crime, includes investigating more in affordable housing, mental health treatment, and other social services across the city.