Massive Máximo the Titanosaur moves into the Field Museum

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  • Photo by Dietrich Zeigler | WGN TV

CHICAGO — Crews began assembling the cast of the largest dinosaur ever discovered, a 122-foot Titanosaur nicknamed Máximo, in the front hall of the Field Museum Wednesday.

Máximo is taking the prominent post in the Stanley Field Hall held by the beloved Sue the T.Rex for decades. Sue was painstakingly disassembled by scientists (using an Allen wrench), and will be installed in its very own exhibit hall in 2019.

Máximo, Spanish for “maximum” or “most,” is made from a cast of the fossilized remains of a Titanosaur discovered in Argentina. The giant herbivore is longer than two accordion CTA buses. Once installed, visitors will be able to walk underneath Máximo, touch its bones and see eye-to-eye with it from the second floor. Its the only Patagotitan mayorum in the world that visitors are able to touch and only the second to ever be on display, according to the museum.

Construction of Máximo is expected to be completed this Friday.


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