CHICAGO — The March of Dimes hosted their annual fundraiser ‘March for Babies: A Mother of a Movement,’ to help raise money for families going through the neonatal intensive care unit (NCIU) process.

Ashley Thies, with the march of Dimes organization shine light on the work they do from research and programs to advocacy and education.

“We have a staff member here in Chicago at Lurie’s Children Hospital who provides support to families who have that experience,” tease said.

Thies said many families do not expect to end up in the NCIU so it is important to provide care in their time of need.

From hosting NCIU holiday dinners to parent’s nights, March of Dimes, Thies said it is important to provide families with care during those tense times.

Thies shared that Illinois has a “D+” in the report card of maternal mortality and pre-term birth rate and the South Side Birth Equity task force identifies the cause of it.

Along with the high maternal mortality rate, Tease mentioned racial disparities are also a factor.

There are 50 walks going on across cities all over the country.