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Ruben Roman, 21 (Chicago Police Department)

CHICAGO — The man who was with 13-year-old Adam Toledo when he was fatally shot by Chicago police has been charged with felony gun charges.

Ruben Roman, 21, was charged with felony reckless discharge of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and endangerment of a child. Roman was arrested Friday.

Police bodycam footage of the fatal shooting will be released sometime next week, attorneys for the Toledo family said.

Reports said the video would be released Friday, but attorneys representing Adam’s family said in the afternoon that the family will view it next week. The attorneys did not list a specific date at this time.

A bond court proffer released Saturday for Ruben Roman provided several details in which the people expect the evidence to show.

The proffer said Roman and Adam Toledo were in an alley near 2324 S. Sawyer Avenue when two uniformed CPD officers arrived less than a minute after a shotspotter nearby recorded eight shots fired.

According to the proffer, Roman and Adam were fleeing together in the alley when both officers exited their vehicle and began a foot pursuit.

Roman was then taken to the ground and detained, dropping a pair of red gloves to the ground that later tested positive for gunshot residue.

The other officer at the scene continued to chase Adam down the alley after calls to stop. Adam then stopped near a break in a wooden fence with his left side facing the officer and his right hand at his right side.

According to the proffer, the officer tells Adam to drop the gun in his right hand, later found to have belonged to Roman, as he turned towards the officer.

The officer fired one shot towards Adam, fatally striking him in the chest. The gun in Adam’s hand landed against the fence a few feet away from where he was standing.

The officer immediately requested emergency assistance and began chest compressions before Adam was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the proffer, Roman provided a fake name for Adam and claimed he did not know anything about what just happened because he was waiting for a train.

Roman later denied knowing who he was with in an interview with police several hours later.

Adam was laid to rest on Friday and family said they appreciate support and respect shown toward them during this time.

Adam was killed last week in what police are calling an “armed confrontation.” Police said they found Adam in an alley in the 2400 block of South Sawyer Avenue on March 29 before opening fire.

His mother was not notified of his death until two days later and police did not announce Adam was 13 years old until three days after the shooting.

13-year-old boy ID’d as person shot, killed by police in Little Village 

The release of the bodycam video is a concern for 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez. He said police told him resources will be concentrated to the Central Business District after the video is released.

He’s worried wards like his on the South and West sides will be at risk with less resources.

Adam Toledo

“Those that are doing crime, gangbangers, They know that police are pulled out of the district, that the opportunity to do bad increases. The response time will be greater, there’s no one around to apprehend them.”

Lopez said police also told him that officers will switch to 12 hour shifts.

A small protest was held in the Loop Friday night as COPA continues its investigation.