Man uses ice scraper to fend off suspected rabid fox while starting car


Saw this beautiful Fox in our backyard today, 1/29/2020 , in Orland Park, Illinois ! First time in a long time here !!!

PHIPPSBURG, Maine — A man in Maine used the only tool he had to fend off a rabid fox as he was trying to start his car.

Jake Becwar left his home Tuesday morning to scrape ice off of his car in the driveway when he felt a tug on the ice scraper.

“I turned and looked and saw it was a fox and it was starting to come after me, and I started swinging,” Becwar said.

He managed to kick the fox and hit it with the ice scraper.

The fox had porcupine quills stuck in its mouth from a previous attack.

Animal control later found, captured and killed the animal.


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