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LYNWOOD, Ill. – A man has claimed a Lynwood officer used excessive force against him last year during an arrest and has filed a subsequent lawsuit.

On May 17, 2019, Lynwood Officer Luke Tambrini approached Marcus Mosley’s truck, which was pulled over near Glennwood Dyer Road and Torrence Avenue, after he believed Mosley just finished urinating in public.

“Go ahead and touch that with your finger, that little puddle of water,” officer Tambrini said.

Mosley then puts his finger in what is an undetermined puddle of liquid.

“Now lick it,” the officer said. “See, that’s piss. Because if it’s water, you wouldn’t be doing that.”

Mosley refuses.

“Whose going to lick dirt? You think because I’m black I’m going to sit here and touch some dirt and lick it?”

Mosley claims he was pulled over off the side of the road because he was reorganizing his truck.

He then asks for a supervisor to be dispatched to the scene as Tambrini said he’s going to write him a ticket and asks for his ID.

The officer said it was illegal to park there, but said the closest sign “got knocked over, but there’s one over there.”

The situation escalates and Tambrini brings out his taser and said he is arresting Mosely.

“I’m going to stand here and wait for your sergeant to come,” Mosley said over and over on the video as he is being tased.

“Please don’t have that dog bite me,” Mosely said. “Will you stop your dog from biting me?” Mosley says over and over during the arrest.

The lawsuit claims Tambrini seized Mosely based solely on his race and a trial has been requested.

“Mosley demands judgment against Defendant Luke Tambrini and Defendant Karlson for compensatory damages, punitive damages, costs, and such other and additional relief that this Court deems equitable and just,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit said a gun was recovered from the vehicle and that Mosely, an Indiana resident, has a valid license for it.

Mosley was charged with aggravated unlawful use of weapon, resisting a peace officer and obstruction of a peace officer. His case is still pending in Cook County Circuit Court.

Mosely said he is a retired federal police officer with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The lawsuit was also filed against another Lynwood officer and the village.

WGN reached out to Lynwood police for a statement.

“We were unaware a lawsuit was filed,” Deputy Chief Terry Schubert said. “We are unable to comment on any pending litigation.”

Mosley was transported to St. Francis Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. His attorney submitted the following picture after the arrest.