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CHICAGO — The man shot by officers at a Red Line stop Friday remains hospitalized as other agencies have joined the investigation.

Ariel Roman, a 33-year-old father who was shot in a now viral video, reportedly remains in critical condition.

“He does still remain in critical condition,” said activist Eric Russell. “Mr. Roman is certainly, by no stretch of the imagination, out of the woods.”

Charges against him were dropped after a recommendation from interim CPD Supt. Charlie Beck. The FBI, Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Civilian Office of Police Accountability continue to investigate whether the officers involved should face criminal charges.

Roman’s attorney said he was shot in the abdomen and buttocks. His family said he does not have health insurance.

On Friday, an L passenger posted a video showing officers trying to arrest Roman at the Grand and State Red Line.

During the struggle, Roman was tazed and pepper sprayed. As he staggers to his feet, one of the officers yelled “shoot him.”

The second shot was fired as Roman was running away.

“He was simply trying to wipe the mace out of his eye,” Russell said. “He was not reaching for a gun.”

The officers involved have not been identified but have been placed on administrative leave.

Roman was originally accused of jumping between train cars.

Chicago FOP President Kevin Graham said that police were “not receiving due protection and consideration in a high-stress, dangerous incident.

He criticized the mayor for speaking out before the completion of the investigation.

In a tweet, Mayor Lightfoot called the incident “extremely disturbing.” She also said one video clip does not show the entirety of the incident.