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ST. CHARLES — Police say Randall Coffland shot and killed his twin teenager daughters Friday night, then shot and wounded his wife before killing himself.

On Sunday, police released a detailed timeline of events and two 911 calls made from the house the night of the shootings. In one call, Randall Coffland clearly admits to shooting and killing his daughters and shooting his wife. He then said he was going to shoot himself.

So when St. Charles police first arrived at the condo Friday evening they had a good idea of the horrific scene that awaited them in apartment 406. 16-year-old twins Tiffany and Brittany were found dead.

Police say Randall Coffland also shot his wife Anjum Coffland once, but the bullet struck both her legs. She made the second call to 911. 4 to 5 minutes later the first officers arrived and carried Anjum out of the apartment.

As they searched the house, police found the bodies of the twin daughters. Both had been shot in the head. One was found on a couch, and the other in their bedroom.

“We don’t have any indication of struggle,” said St. Charles Police Chief David Kinitz.

Police also found the father dead with a gunshot wound to the head and a 9 mm handgun not far away.

Police say the girls were living with their father and their mother was living in a separate apartment in St. Charles, but it’s unclear what sparked Friday’s violence.