Man arrested after bomb threat on Greyhound bus, police say

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CHICAGO — A man was arrested after police said he made a bomb threat on a Greyhound bus on the Kennedy Expressway.

Illinois State Police said they received a call around 4:20 p.m. from a bus driver who said a passenger made a threat Wednesday afternoon. The bus was headed to Chicago from Milwaukee.

Officers responded to the area and found the bus on I-90 at Keeler Avenue. Police said they found the man on the bus and he “actively resisted” as officers tried to remove him from the bus.

All 17 passengers were removed from the bus. No one was injured.

Aisha Fields was one of the passengers on the bus and was traveling with her five children. She said the man was rapping everything he was saying.

“He was saying, ‘I kill you,’ and stuff like that,” she said. “He rapped the whole thing.”

Jacob Sapf was sitting across from the man and said he was “getting crazy” even before he got on the bus.

“He was approaching people, yelling at them, and somehow they let him on the bus anyway,” Sapf said.

Greyhound issued the following statement:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the incident that occurred on Greyhound bus schedule #4921 headed from Milwaukee to Chicago with 17 passengers onboard. Safety is a cornerstone of our business and we treat any threat towards our passengers and/or employees seriously. We are fully cooperating with local law enforcement as they complete their investigation.

State police said a bomb dog arrived and conducted a sweep of the bus with negative results.

Rush hour traffic was slowed down in the area due to police activity.

No further information was provided.


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