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CHICAGO – Police shot and killed a man on Chicago’s West Side Friday night.

Police say officers were responding to a domestic call in the 900 block of N. Central Park Ave.  around 9:00 p.m. when they came across a man with what appeared to be a knife or a sharp object in his hand.

According to police, the man refused to put the weapon down. Police say officers attempted to taser the man twice, but it had no effect.

Police say the man then attempted to approach officers and that’s when an officer shot him.

The man’s mother identified him as 34-year-old, James Anderson.

Pamela Anderson says her son had mental health issues and that she had previously called police for help with her son.

Anderson says she called police Friday night hoping someone could come take her son to Loretto Hospital for psychiatric help.

When officers arrived, Anderson says she asked officers to take her son to the hospital. Anderson says the officers asked if her son had a gun or knife on him. Anderson said she told officers that her son was not dangerous, but that he did keep a box cutter in his pocket.

Anderson contradicts the police account saying officers did not taser her son before shooting him.

“When he pulled his gun out and cocked it back, I said ‘sir, you don’t have to pull that gun back, you don’t have to cock it back. He’s not going to hurt you,'” said Anderson.

No officers were injured.

As always with officer-involved shootings, the Independent Police Review Authority is investigating.