2 men killed in fiery crash on Lake Shore Drive early Sunday


CHICAGO — Two men were killed early Sunday in a crash on Lake Shore Drive.

The crash happened in the 1000 block of North Lake Shore Drive near the “S” curve near Oak Street at around 3:20 a.m.

Steve Compton is a doorman at a building near the crash site. He witnessed the crash and with a fire extinguisher in one hand and dialing 911 with his other, Compton ran to help.

Compton and other good Samaritans got to the man who was on fire, then saw another man emerge from the car.

“They were kind of crying for help and they were walking but in pretty bad shape,” he said.  “After the fire was out, there were blotches of burns all over.”

Police said the driver lost control and hit a gas line causing the car to catch fire.

Paramedics took both victims to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and then they were transported to Stroger. They died at Stroger due to the severity of their burns, police said.

In his 33 years as a doorman on Lake Shore Drive, Compton said he has seen many crashes and rushed out to help many times.

“This was extraordinary,” he said.  “The really scary thing was after maybe 15 to 20 seconds later, someone managed to get out of that.”

Police said a gun was recovered outside of the vehicle.


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