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CHICAGO –  Chicago police have released the man who was shown on video being kicked in the head by an officer during an arrest earlier this week.

Police say 24-year-old Shaquille O’Neal was released without charges Wednesday, but the case remains under investigation.

O’Neal was seen on a video posted to social media earlier this week struggling with Chicago police.

The video which lasts 1:28 seconds clearly shows the O’Neal struggling with the first officer as a crowd watches and yells obscenities.

As O’Neal appears to grab the officers throat, the second officer is seen kicking O’Neal who then seems to go unconscious.

CPD has relieved the officer seen in the video of his police powers as authorities investigate the video.

O’Neal had been facing charges of drug possession, assault on an officer, violation of parole and disorderly conduct.

“I believe based on the two videos that we have seen that not only disciplinary actions be taken against the police officer and anybody involved with him, but that there be a criminal investigation,” said O’Neal’s lawyer Michael Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer said a federal lawsuit will be coming.

After viewing the video, police superintendent Eddie Johnson ordered an investigation and has referred the incident to the Independent Police Review.

The Fraternal Order of Police released a statement that reads, “As members of the Chicago Police Department, we are more than tired of being considered by some to be second class citizens and not worthy of the same protections under the law guaranteed to any other citizen. Upon taking the oath, our job is to enforce the law and protect the law abiding members of society; not to be victimized or be subjected to criminal behavior and certainly not to have perpetrators avoid responsibility for actions taken against us. enough is enough. We demand the Department and the ASA continue this investigation and proceed with securing the proper charges that are so very obvious to anyone aware of this recent situation. We call on the ASA’s office to do their job and charge this person accordingly.”

You can see the entire statement on the Fraternal Order of Police Facebook page: