Man gets 43 years in fatal Naperville bar stabbing

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WHEATON, Ill. — A man who fatally stabbed an elementary school teacher during a confrontation at a nightclub has been sentenced to over 40 years in prison today.

Robert Berlin, the Dupage County prosecutor says this case shows the horrific social cost of crime.  And the family of Shaun Wild — the man who was killed — says they are pleased as they can be with the sentence.

43 years is the sentence Daniel Olaska received for the fatal stabbing of Shaun Wild, a Naperville elementary school teacher.  It happened at Frankie’s Blue Room in Naperville back in February of 2012.

Prosecutors says Olaska was angry and frustrated that he had been rejected by a woman at the bar.  He ended up getting into an argument with William Hayes who was teasing him for drinking beer from a wine glass.  That led to Olaska stabbing Hayes with a knife.  When Wild tried to stop Olaska from leaving the bar, Olaska stabbed him once in the heart and killed him.  A bouncer was also injured.

Before he was sentenced, Olaska told the court he “never wanted to hurt anybody,” and he certainly never meant to kill Shaun Wild.

“I believe he probably has genuine remorse and probably doesn’t understand himself his actions that night,” said Bruce Wild, Shaun’s father. “But that doesn’t’ change the fact that he brought a knife to a bar, armed himself and was intent on some sort of mayhem.”

Olaska’s attorneys maintain their client acted in self-defense and say they plan to appeal.

William Hayes and the bouncer Rafael Castenada have recovered from their injures. But Bruce says sadly in the three-plus years since his son was killed, he has met a lot of people that are in his family’s situation.  This case and other


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