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SAN DIEGO — A Goodwill employee in California found tens of thousands of dollars of cash hidden in a donation, according to KGTV.

Jessee Diaz says it was just a normal day of taking donations at the San Diego facility. That was until he opened a slow cooker donated to the organization.

“In the box there was tinfoil,” Diaz said, “I almost threw it in the trash.”

Upon further investigation, Diaz found five envelopes containing a total of $46,000 cash under the foil.

Then began the process of tracking down the rightful owner of the money: a 79-year-old woman whose husband had just passed away. Her daughter-in-law took several boxes to Goodwill to help clear some clutter, unknowingly donating the sum of money.

The couple had been saving for a trip to visit family in Japan, but ended up saving a lot more.